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Autumn Mysteries 2020
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Apr 30/20
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Winter Reading 2016
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Fall Reading 2015
Oct 29/15
Sept 16/15
Sept 4/15
July 29, 2015
July 1, 2015
June 7/15
Summer Reading 2015
May 19/15
Apr 30/15
Apr 19/15
Spring Reading 2015
March 23/15
March 11/15
Winter Reading 2015
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Jan 20/15
Highs 'N Lows of 2014
Dec 19/14
Dec 2/14
Nov 10/14
Oct 29/14
Fall Reading 2014
Sept 17/14
Summer Reading 2014
Aug 22/14
Aug 8/14
July 11/14
June 16/14
May 28/14
Apr 30/14
Apr 16/14
Apr 2/14
March 21, 2014
March 13/14
Feb 11/14
Sept 23/13
Favourite Works: 2004-2013
Two Novels by BARBARA PYM
Sabbath's Theater by PHILIP ROTH
July 18/13
Summer Reading 2013
June 19/13
May 30/13
Spring Reading 2013
May 10/13
Apr 18/13
Mar 29/13
March 14, 2013
The Artist Project 2013
Feb 25/13
Winter Reading 2013
Feb 7/13
Jan 22/13
Jan 12/13
A Toast to 2012
Dec 19/12
Dec 16/12
Dec 4/12
Fall Reading 2012
Nov 17/12
Nov 6/12
Art Toronto 2012
Oct 23/12
Oct 4/12
Sept 28/12
Summer Reading 2012
Aug 26/12
Aug 8/12
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2012
July 14/12
June 28/12
May 27/12
May 20/12
May 4/12
La Traviata: Met's Live HD Version
Apr 21/12
Apr 6/12
Mar 22/12
Mar 9/12
The Artist Project 2012
Academy Awards Show 2012
Feb 26/12
Feb 11/12
Jan 23/12
Jan 15/12
Jan 7/12
Dec 20/11
Dec 12/11
Nov 27/11
Nov 18/11
Nov 7/11
Art Toronto 2011
Oct 22/11
Oct 17/11
Sept 30, 2011
Summer Reading 2011
Aug 11/11
July 28, 2011
July 19/11
TOAE 2011
June 25/11
June 20/11
June 2/11
May 14/11
Apr 29/11
Toronto Art Expo 2011
Apr 11/11
March 24/11
The Artist Project 2011
March 11/11
Feb 23/11
Feb 7/11
Jan 21/11
Jan 17/11
Dec 21/10
Dec 6/10
Nov 11/10
Fall Reading 2010
Oct 22/10
Summer Reading 2010
Aug 9/10
Aug 2/10
TOAE 2010
July 16/10
The Shack
June 27/10
June 3/10
May 5/10
April 17/10
Mar 28/10
Mar 17/10
The Artist Project 2010
Toronto Art Expo 2010
Feb 22/10
Feb 3/10
Notables of '09
Jan 11/10
Dec 31/09
Dec 17/09
How Fiction Works
Nov 24/09
Sex for Saints
Nov 11/09
Oct 22/09
Oct 6/09
Sept 18/09
Aug 23/09
July 31/09
July 17/09
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2009
Toronto Fringe 2009
Zen Wrapped In Karma Dipped In Chocolate
June 28/09
June 6/09
Myriad Mysteries 2009
May 10/09
CBC Radio -- "The New Two"
April 14/09
March 24/09
Toronto Art Expo '09
March 1/09
The Jesus Sayings
Feb 8/09
Jan 26/09
Jan 10/09
Stand-outs of 2008
Dec 24/08
Dec 4/08
Nov 16/08
Oct 27/08
Oct 16/08
Sept 26/08
Sept 5/08
July 21/08
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 08
July 5/08
June 23/08
June 4/08
May 18/08
May 4/08
April 16/08
March 26/08
Head to Head
Feb 26/08
Feb 13/08
Jan 30/08
Jan 17/08
Notables of 2007
Dec 30/07
Dec 8/07
Nov 22/07
Oct 25/07
Oct 4/07
Sept 18/07
Aug 29/07
Aug 8/07
Summer Mysteries '07
July 20/07
June 28/07
June 8/07
May 21/07
May 2/07
April 14/07
March 23/07
Toronto Art Expo 2007
March 8/07
Feb 16/07
Feb 2/07
Jan 24/07
Notables of 2006
Dec 27/06
December 11/06
November 28/06
Nov 8/06
October 14/06
Sept 22/06
Ring Psycho (Wagner on CBC Radio)
Sept 6/06
August 12/06
July 18/06
June 27/06
June 9/06
May 23/06
Me In Manhattan
May 2/06
April 12/06
March 17/06
March 9/06
Feb 16/06
Feb 1/06
Jan 11/06
Dec 31/05
Dec 12/05
Nov 25/05
Nov 4/05
Oct 24/05
Sept 7/05
Sept 16/05
Sept 1/05
Aug 10/05
July 21/05
Me and the Jays
July 10/05
June 15/05
May 18/05
April 27/05
April 18/05
April 8/05
March 21/05
Feb 28/05
Feb 21/05
Feb 4/05
Jan 28/05
Jan 19/05
Jan 5/05
About Me
Dec 20/04
Dec 5/04
OTHER STUFF: Art Exhibitions, Concerts, etc.

Books are listed first. Towards the end of this Index, you'll find separate listings for Short StoriesMagazine Articles, Poetry, Mysteries and Re-readings (2nd or 3rd looks at old favourites). 

Originally, items were posted according to genre and then archived accordingly.  That's why the older items are indexed by genre and the rest by date.

To find an item, scroll down to see what page it's on, then click on the appropriate page in the navigation bar to the left of the screen.


10:04 (Lerner) Fall Reading 2014

11/22/63 (King) May 20/12

12 Edmondstone Street (Malouf) June 28/09

1982 (Ghomeshi) Feb 11/14

A Complicated Kindness (Toews) Jan 5/05

A Confederacy of Dunces (Toole) Fall Reading 2010

A Gentleman in Moscow (Towles) Oct 3/18

A God in Ruins (Atkinson) Winter Reading 2016

A Life of Privilege, Mostly (Botsford) Dec 31/05

A Long Long Way (Barry) Summer Reading 2014

A Long Way Gone (Beah) Fall Reading 2010

A Mind of Its Own (Friedman) Nov 7/11

A Romance on Three Legs (Hafner) March 17/10

A Short History of Progress (Wright) June 8/07

A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian (Lewycka) Dec 27/06

A Special Providence (Yates) Apr 30/14

A Spool of Blue Thread (Tyler) Dec 19/16

A Stolen Life (Dugard) Nov 27/11

A Thousand Small Sanities (Gopnik) June 22/19

A Year in the Merde (Clarke) June 27/06

About Alice (Trillin) Jan 11/10

Abraham Lincoln (Keneally) Dec 31/05

Adventures of Lucky Pierre, The (Coover) Jan 11/06

After These Things (Diski) Sept 1/05

All Quiet on the Western Front (Remarque) May 26/'19

All Souls' Day (Nooteboom) Books page

All That Is (Salter) Summer Reading 2013

All the Living (Morgan) July 17/16

Aloft (Chang-rae Lee) Sept 6/06

American Boy  (Watson) April 21/12

American Dirt (Cummins) Aug 12/20

American Purgatorio (Haskell) Sept 16/05

American Philosophy: A Love Story (Kaag) Apr 22/19

Americanization of Benjamin Franklin, The (Wood) Dec 5/04

An American Childhood (Dillard) Sept 18/07

An Unfinished Life (Dallek) Feb 11/14

Analyst, The (Katzenbach), July 18/06

Anatomy of a Disappearance (Matar) Summer Reading 2012

Anatomy School, The (MacLaverty) Books page

And When Did You Last See Your Father? (Morrison) Books page

Annabel (Winter) March 24/11

(The) Art of Losing Control (Evans) Sept 9/18

At Last (St. Aubyn) Spring Reading 2013

At Mrs. Lippincote's (Taylor) Dec 27/06

At Swim Two Boys (O'Neill) Books page

At the Strangers' Gate (Gopnik) Aug 2/19

Author, Author (Lodge) Nov 4/05

Autumn (Knausgaard) Oct 3/18

Avid Reader (Gottlieb) May 25/20

Bad Science (Goldacre) Dec 12/11

Barchester Towers (Trollope) Feb 11/14

Barrel Fever (Sedaris) May 18/08

Be Near Me (O'Hagan) Summer Reading 2010

Being Caribou (Heuer) Oct 4/07

Being Shelley: The Poet's Search for Himself (Wroe) June 23/08

Being Mortal (Gawande) Aug 21/16

Bel Canto (Patchett) July 18/06

Belonging (Huggans) Jan 19/05

Ben in the World (Lessing) June 4/08

Bertie: A Life of Edward VII (Ridley) Winter Reading 2015

(The) Best Laid Plans (Fallis) Fall Reading 2010

Between Them (Ford) Sept 21/17

(The) Bible Unearthed (Finkelstein and Silberman) March 8/07

(The) Birthday Party (Alpert) Fall Reading 2010

Blackbird (Basilires) Dec 21/10

Black Swan Green (Mitchell) Aug 2/10

Black Veil, The (Moody) March 17/06

(The) Body in Question (Ciment) Nov 10/19

(The) Book of Delights (Gay) Sept 30/19

(The) Book of Getting Even (Taylor) Summer Reading 2010

(The) Book of Revelation (Thomson) Feb 11/14

Born Standing Up (Martin) March 1/09

Born to Run (Springsteen) Nov 22/17

Bossypants (Fey) June 25/11

Breakfast on Pluto (McCabe) Books page

Breakfast with Lucian (Greig) Summer Reading 2014

Breaking the Spell (Dennett) Nov 7/11

Bright Lights, Big City (McInerney) March 11/11

Bring Up the Bodies (Mantel) Spring Reading 2013

Byron: The Flawed Angel (Grosskurth) Nov 25/05

Call Me By Your Name (Aciman) Spring Reading 2013

Calypso (Sedaris) Oct 3/18

Canada (Ford) July 14/12

Captivity (Loney) Apr 29/11

Careless Love (Guralnick) Nov 27/11

Casanova: The Man Who Really Loved Women (Flem) Aug 10/05

Cathedral (Carver) Nov 8/06

Chances Are (Russo) Nov 10/19

(The) Charming Predator (Mackenzie) Aug 3/17

Cheaper by the Dozen (Gilbreth) Summer Reading 2012

(The) Children Act (McEwan) Summer Reading 2015

(The) Christian World (Marty) July 31/09

Christianity: The First 3,000 Years (MacCulloch) Summer Reading 2014

City of Falling Angels, The (Berendt) Feb 16/06

Closing Time (Queenan) Summer Reading 2012

Cloud Atlas (Mitchell) (Feb 4/05)

Confessions (Kang) Oct 4/07

Confessions of an Innocent Man (Sampson) Oct 22/09

Country Girl (O'Brien) Fall Reading 2014

Cure of Folly, The (Werme) Nov 28/06

(The) Curious Case of Sidd Finch (Plimpton) March 21/05

(The) Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time (Haddon) March 1/09

(The) Da Vinci Code (Brown) Books page

Dame Edna Everage and the Rise of Western Civilization: Backstage

with Barry Humphries (Lahr) Books page

Dancer(McCann) Books page

Darwin: A Sense of Place (Browne) Books page

Days by Moonlight (Alexis) Sept 30/19

De Niro's Game (Hage) April 14/07

Dear Edward (Napolitano) May 25/20

Death Comes for the Archbishop (Cather) Feb 11/14

Deep Down Dark (Tobar) May 14/18

(The) Devil in the White City (Larson) Sept 9/18

(The) Divine Husband (Goldman) Sept 5/08

Diviners, The (Moody) Dec 27/06

(The) Do-Gooder's Diet (Vale) Sept 18/07

Don't Get Too Comfortable (Rakoff) Dec 11/06

Drawing Is Thinking (Glaser) Aug 9/10

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim (Sedaris) May 18/08

(The) Drunkard's Walk (Mlodinow) Summer Reading 2010

Dunbar (St. Aubyn) Dec 3/18

(The) Easter Parade (Yates) Apr 16/14

Educated (Westover) Sept 30/19

Eight White Nights (Aciman) Summer Reading 2013

(The) Elegance of the Hedgehog (Barbery) Winter Reading 2013

Elevation (King) June 22/19

Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules of Writing (Leonard) Feb 13/08

Elsewhere (Russo) Feb 11/14

Elvis: In the Twilight of Memory (Juanico) Summer Reading 2011

Empire of the Sun (Ballard) July 17/09

(The) End (Knausgaard) Feb 23/19

(The) End of Eddy (Louis) May 25/20

England, England (Barnes) July 18/06

Enlightenment Now (Pinker) May 26/'19

Englishman's Boy, The (Vanderhaeghe) Sept 22/06

Enigma Variations (Aciman), Apr 23/18

Erratic North (Frutkin) Nov 24/09

Escape from Camp 14 (Harden) Summer Reading 2012

Eventide (Haruf) May 23/06

Everyman (Roth) Nov 28/06

Everything in This Country Must (McCann) May 21/07

Everything Is F*cked (Manson) Sept 30/19

(The) Examined Life (Grosz) Winter Reading 2015

Excellent Women (Pym)  On page "Two Novel by Barbara Pym," listed near the top of the navigation bar, just under "Favourite Works: 2004-2013"

Exit Ghost (Roth) Oct 25/07

Exposure (Dunmore) Feb 9/17

Falling Man (DeLillo) Sept 5/08

Falling Towards England (James) Sept 5/08

Family Planning (Mahajan) July 17/16

Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul (Hendra) July 10/05

Fiction Ruined My Family (Darst) Spring Reading 2013

Finding Myself (Litt) Sept 6/06

First Person (Flanagan) June 22/19

Fisher King, The (Powell) March 21/05

Flaubert (Brown) Fall Reading 2010

Foreskin's Lament (Auslander) Nov 7/11

(The) Forgotten Waltz (Enright) Jan 15/12

Fraud (Rakoff) Feb 1/06

(The) Free World (Bezmozgis) June 20/11

From Grave to Cradle to Now (Powell) June 28/12

From the Memoires of a Non-Enemy Combatant (Gilvarry) March 13/14

Galileo's Finger (Atkins) Feb 16/06

(The) Gathering (Enright) May 4/08

Girl (O'Brien) Dec 6/19

Giving Up the Ghost (Mantel) Summer Reading 2012

Glass  Cage: The Crest Theatre Story (Illidge) August 12/06

(The) Glass Castle (Walls) Fall Reading 2014

(The) God Delusion (Dawkins) May 21/07

God's Secretaries (Nicolson) March 24/11

(The) Golden Mean (Lyon) Feb 11/14

Good Priest's Son, The (Price) Aug 10/05

The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald) Winter Reading 2013

(The) Green Road (Enright) Aug 21/16

Greene on Capri (Hazzard) July 18/06

Hallelujah Junction (Adams) July 19/11

Hardcore Zen (Warner) Feb 26/08

Hart's War (Katzenbach) July 18/06

Harvard Square (Aciman) Feb 11/14

Heat (Buford) Oct 25/07

Heavy (Laymon) Apr 22/19

Her First American (Segal) Feb 11/14

Here I Am (Foer) Aug 3/17

(The) Highly Sensitive Person (Aron) Aug 21/16

Hiking With Nietzsche (Kaag) Apr 22/19

Hillbilly Elegy (Vance) Aug 2/19

History of Shit (Laporte) Jan 11/06

History of Violence (Louis) Jan 29/20

Hitch-22 (Hitchens) Summer Reading 2011

Housekeeping (Robinson) On a page of its own, just above Oct 22/09

Hotels, Hospitals and Jails (Swofford) Spring Reading 2013

How Can I Help? (Goldbloom) July 17/16

How Fiction Works (Wood) on a page of its, just above Nov 24/09

How Green Was My Valley (Llewellyn) Feb 11/14

How Insensitive (Smith) Sept 1/05

How It All Began (Lively) May 20/12

How Jesus Became Christian (Wilson) Fall Reading 2010

How to Live: A Life of Montaigne (Bakewell) Summer Reading 2013

I Am Abraham (Charyn) May 28/14

I Am America (And So Can You!) (Colbert) July 21/08

(The) Ideological Origins of the American Revolution (Bailyn) Apr 30/14

If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things (McGregor) March 9/06

I'm A Stranger Here Myself (Bryson) Feb 11/14

(The) Immaculate Conception (Soucy) April 14/07

In A Sunburned Country (Bryson) Feb 11/14

In America (Sontag) June 15/05

In One Person (Irving) Winter Reading 2013

In Patagonia (Chatwin) Aug 23/09

In Pursuit of Silence (Prochnick) Summer Reading 2011

In Search of Time (Falk) Dec 31/09

In Spite of Myself (Plummer) June 3/10

In The Beginning Was The Worm (Brown) Dec 20/04

In The Blink of an Eye (Parker) August 12/06

In The Blood (Motion) Fall Reading 2010

In The Garden of Beasts (Larson) Dec 20/11

In The Land of Long Fingernails (Wilkins) Nov 16/08

In The Memorial Room (Frame) Summer Reading 2014

(The) Intimates (Sassone) May 28/14

Into the Gray Zone (Owen) Aug 9/18

Jarhead (Swofford) Spring Reading 2013

(The) Jesus Sayings (Weyler) On a page of its own, just above Feb 8/09

John Clare (Bate) Feb 28/05

Julius Winsome (Donovan) Summer Reading 2012

(The) Judgment of Paris (King) Jan 30/08

kaddish.com (Englander) Sept 30/19

Kite Runner, The (Hosseini) May 18/05

Ladies' Man (Price) Spring Reading 2015

Last American Man, The (Gilbert) Books page

Last Train to Memphis (Guralnick) Summer Reading 2011

Late In the Day (Hadley) June 22/19

Late Nights on Air (Hay) Dec 30/07

Laughin at My Nightmare (Burcaw) Winter Reading 2016

Leaving Home (Brookner) Sept 7/05

(The) Legend of Colton H. Bryant  (Fuller) Summer Reading 2012

Leonardo (Kemp) June 15/05

Less (Greer) Oct 3/18

Let Me Be Frank With You (Ford) Winter Reading 2015

Liar (Roberge) June 2/16

Life After Death (Echols) Feb 11/14

(The) Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe (O'Hagan) June 2/11

Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, The (Bryson) Dec 27/06

Life of Pi (Martel) Books page

Light and Dark (Howard) Jan 23/12

(The) Line of Beauty (Hollinghurst) Summer Reading 2010

Local Knowledge (Geertz) Dec 19/16

Lolita (Nabokov) Aug 9/10

(The) Longest Trip Home (Grogan) July 17/09

Look At It This Way (Cartwright) Books page

Losing It (Cumyn) Feb 1/06

The Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age (Rudgley) Winter Reading 2015

Lost Genius (Bazzana) Fall Reading 2012

Lost In Place (Salzman) March 21/05

Love and Louis XIV (Fraser) Summer Reading 2010

Love, etc (Barnes) Jan 15/19

Love Like Salt (Stevenson) Oct 3/18

(The) Love of My Youth (Gordon) Feb 11/14

Lucking Out (Wolcott) Summer Reading 2012

Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius (Monk) March 13/14

Making An Elephant (Swift) Feb 11/14

Man in the Dark (Auster) Jan 10/09

Man Made (Stein) March 12/20

(The) Man Who Would Be Queen (Bailey) Oct 25/07

(The) Map and the Territory (Houellebecq) Fall Reading 2012

(The) Marriage Plot (Eugenides) Mar 22/12

Marie Antoinette: The Journey (Fraser) Jan 24/07 

Master, The (Toibin)  April 8/05

Matisse: The Master (Spurling) April 17/10

May Week Was In June (James) Sept 5/08

Me Before You (Moyes) March 13/14

Me, Myself and Us (Little) Fall Reading 2015

Me Talk Pretty One Day (Sedaris) Feb 16/07

Metraville (Popowich) Jan 7/12

Michael Tolliver Lives (Maupin) Sept 5/08

Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling (King) Winter Reading 2015

Misquoting Jesus (Ehrman) May 23/06

(The) Missionary Position (Hitchens) Aug 2/10

Moab Is My Washpot (Fry) Summer Reading 2015

Moi, J’cris Pour Agir (Gallo) Summer Reading 2013

Mortality (Hitchens) Fall Reading 2012

Mothers and Sons (Tibn) May 2/07

Mozart at the Gateway to His Fortune (Wolff) Winter Reading 2015

Mrs. Keppel and Her Daughter (Nahani) Sept 16/05

Muriella Pent (Smith) Sept 7/05

Must You Go? (Fraser) Aug 11/11

My Brilliant Friend (Ferrrante) Dec 3/18

My History (Fraser) June 2/16

My Lobotomy (Dully) June 23/08

My Old Man (Major) Feb 11/14

My Young Life (Tuten) June 22/19

(The) Naked and the Dead (Mailer) Feb 11/14

(The) Naked Tourist (Osborne) Dec 21/10

Napolen (Bell) Oct 3/18

Netherland (O'Neill) May 10/09

Nevertheless (Baldwin) Aug 9/18

Next (Hynes) Fall Reading 2012

No Great Mischief (MacLeod) July 18/06

No One Is Here Except All of Us (Ausubel) Fall Reading 2012

Nora Webster (Tibn) Winter Reading 2016

Normal People (Rooney) March 12/20

Norman Bray In The Performance Of His Life (Cole) Feb 1/06

Not In Front of the Corgis (Hoey) Sept 9/18

Not That Kind of Girl (Dunham) Winter Reading 2016

Nothing to Be Frightened Of (Barnes) Feb 7/11

Nutshell (McEwan) Dec 3/18

NW (Smith) Oct 23/12

Of This Earth (Wiebe) Nov 24/09

Old Filth (Gardham) Feb 11/14

On Canaan's Side (Barry) Summer Reading 2014

On Chesil Beach (McEwan) June 8/07

On Human Nature (Wilson) Oct 25/07

One Day (Nicholls) Summer Reading 2015

One of These Things First (Gaines) Dec 19/16

One Soldier's War (Babchenko) July 31/09

(The) Only Story (Barnes) Dec 3/18

Open Heart (Wiesel) Feb 11/14

Open Net (Plimpton) Dec 31/05

Opening Windows (Hamilton) Apr 30/14

(The) Order of Good Cheer (Gaston) Aug 23/09

(The) Other Family (Trollope) Fall Reading 2012

Other People's Houses (Segal) Feb 11/14

Our Fathers (O'Hagan) Dec 30/07

Our Lady of Alice Bhatti (Hanif) Fall Reading 2012

Out of Egypt (Aciman) Feb 11/14

Out of the Blue (Wong) Summer Reading 2013

Oxygen (Miller) Sept 18/09

Pack Up the Moon (Teleky) Feb 1/06

(The) Parade (Eggers) Apr 22/19

(The) Paris and New York Diaries of Ned Rorem 1951-1961 (Rorem) Feb 23/11

Patrick Leigh Fermor (Cooper) Winter Reading 2015

(The) Patrick Melrose Novels (St. Aubyn) Spring Reading 2013

Paula Spencer (Doyle) Dec 27/06

Perilous Question (Fraser) June 2/16

Pinboy (Bowering) Spring Reading 2013

Plays Well With Others (Gurganus) Books page

Plot Against America, The (Roth)  Oct 24/05

Pops (Chabon) Apr 22/19

(The) Power of Silence (Turner) Winter Reading 2016

Presidio (Kennedy) Jan 29/20

Primates and Philosophers (de Waal) July 31/09

Prince Albert (Wilson) Dec 6/19

Prince Charles (Smith) Sept 9/18

Private Myths (Stevens) Summer Reading 2015

Promise of Happiness, The (Cartwright) Sept 16/05

The Psycopath Test (Ronson) May 20/12

Quartet in Autumn (Pym) On page "Two Novels by Barbara Pym," on the navigation bar, just under "Favourite Works: 2004-2013"

Queen Elizabeth II: Her LIfe in Our Times (Bradford) May 14/18

Quiet (Cain) Winter Reading 2013

Reading the Bible Again for the First Time (Borg) Winter Reading 2013

The Receptionist (Groth) Feb 11/14

Red Queen, The (Drabble) Feb 21/05

Remember Me (Azzopardi) Books page

Remembering Mr. Shawn's New Yorker (Mehta) Summer Reading 2011

Remembering the Bones (Itani) Dec 8/07

Reservation Blues (Alexie) Sept 1/05

(The) Retreat (Bergen) Dec 24/08

(The) Road to Little Dribbling (Bryson) June 16/'17

Robin (Itzkoff) Aug 2/19

Room (Donoghue) Dec 6/10

Ruined By Reading (Schwartz) March 21/05

Rumi, Gazing at the Beloved: The Radical Practice of Beholding the Divine (Johnson) Jan 17/08

Running Away to Sea (Fetherling) June 28/09

Sabbath's Theatre (Roth) On a page of its own, near the top of the navigation bar, just above page dated "July 18, 2013")

Saint Augustine's Confession (Wills) Feb 11/14

Sapiens (Harari) Fall Reading 2015

Saturday (McEwan) March 17/06

(The) Savage Detectives (Bolao) June 4/08

Sea, The (Banville) Nov 28/06

Seasons on Harris (Yeadon) May 18/08

Secret Life: The Jian Ghomeshi Investigation (Donovan) Aug 3/17

Secrets of My Life (Jenner) June 2/18

(The) Sense of An Ending (Barnes) Dec 20/11

(The) Sentimentalists (Skibsrud) May 14/11

Serving Victoria (Hubbard) Apr 23/18

Sex at Dawn (Ryan and Jeth) Summer Reading 2013

Sex, Sin and Zen (Warner) Nov 18/11

Shake Hands With the Devil (Dallaire) Dec 5/04

(The) Shoe on the Roof (Ferguson) Dec 3/18

She Got Up Off The Couch (Kimmel) March 23/07

Sit Down and Shut Up (Warner) April 14/09

Skating to Antarctica (Diski) Sept 16/05

Skeletons on the Zahara (King) Aug 12/06

Slow Man (Coetzee) May 2/06

Smut (Bennett) Mar 9/12

(The) Snow Leopard (Matthiessen) Nov 18/11

So Brave, Young, and Handsome (Enger) Nov 16/08

Solar (McEwan) Fall Reading 2010

Solitude (Harris) Jan 29/20

(The) Solitude of Prime Numbers (Giordano) July 19/11

(The) Soul Thief (Baxter) Sept 18/09

Sounds Like Titanic (Hindman) June 22/19

Sovereign: Elizabeth II and the Windsor Dynasty (Flamini) April 12/06\

Specimen Days (Cunningham) Fall Reading 2012

(The) Spirituality of Gardening (Sinclair) Feb 23/19

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk (Sedaris) May 14/11

Stone and Dung, Oil and Spit (Magness) Aug 21/16

Stoner (Williams) Feb 11/14

The Story of My Assassins (Tejpal) Summer Reading 2014

(The) Story of My Father (Miller) Oct 25/05

Stranger, Father, Beloved (Larsen) Feb 9/17

(The) Stranger in the Woods (Finkel) Nov 3/17

Submission (Houellebecq) June 2/16

Sudden Noises From Inanimate Objects (Miller) May 18/05

Suite Franaise (Nmirovsky) Feb 22/10

Sweetness in the Belly (Gibb) April 14/07

Sweetest Dream, The (Lessing) Books page

Talking About Detective Fiction (James) Winter Reading 2013

Terrorist (Updike) Nov 8/06

(The) Testament of Mary (Tibn) Fall Reading 2012

Theft by Finding (Sedaris) May 14/18

Things I Didn't Know (Hughes) Sept 18/09

Things My Mother Never Told Me (Morrison) July 18/06

Thinking Fast and Slow (Kahneman) Winter Reading 2013

Thirteen Ways of Looking (McCann) Winter Reading 2016

This Party's Got to Stop (Thomson) Feb 11/14

This Won't Hurt a Bit (Gabereau) Dec 3/18

Thomas Hardy: The Time-Torn Man (Tomalin) Jan 30/08

Tinkers (Harding) Feb 11/14

Tomorrow (Swift) March 26/08

Too Close to the Falls (Gildiner) March 9/06

Too Far From Home (Jones) Summer Reading 2015

Touch the Dragon (Connelly) Oct 3/18

Transcription (Atkinson) June 22/19

Trauma (McGrath) Summer Reading 2010

Trauma Farm (Brett) Summer Reading 2011

(The) Trauma of Everyday Life (Epstein) Summer Reading 2015

Truth and Beauty (Patchett) July 18/06

Twenty Poems that Could Save America (Hoagland) Aug 2/19

Two Pints (Doyle) Feb 11/14

(The) Uncommon Reader (Bennett) Summer Reading 2010

Under the Holy Lake (Haigh) Summer Reading 2010

Unearthed (Risen) Sept 21/17

Untold Stories (Bennett) Nov 22/07

Uproar's Your Only Music (Brett) July 10/05

Us (Nicholls) Summer Reading 2015

(The) Vanished Years (Everett) Fall Reading 2015

Villages (Updike) BOOKS page

(The) Virtues of Poetry (Longenbach) Feb 11/14

Waiting for Eden (Ackerman) Jan 29/20

Waiting for Sunrise (Boyd) Feb 11/14

Walks With Men (Beattie) Fall Reading 2012

Wanderer (Leon) May 26/'19

Washington Black (Edugyan) Feb 23/19

Wave (Deraniyagala) Apr 16/14

(The) Way I Found Her (Tremain) July 18/06

We Are Now Beginning Our Descent (Meeks) Sept 26/08

We Are the Weather (Foer) March 12/20

What Is the What (Eggers) Oct 27/08

What Paul Meant (Wills) Nov 11/09

When Breath Becomes Air (Kalinithi) Aug 9/18

When God Was A Rabbit (Winman) Winter Reading 2013

When Skateboards Will Be Free (Sayrafiezadeh) May 20/12

When You Are Engulfed in Flames (Sedaris) July 21/08

Where Angels Fear to Tread (Forster) Aug 9/10

Where I'm Calling From (Carver) Nov 8/06

White Gold (Milton) Aug 10/05

Who Killed My Father (Louis) Jan 29/20

Why I Am A Catholic (Wills) Nov 24/09

Why Socrates Died (Waterfield) Fall Reading 2010

Will In The World: How Shakespeare Became Shakespeare (Greenblatt) Aug 10/05

Will This Do? (Waugh) Sept 18/07

Winter on Diamond (Bondrup-Nielsen) Nov 4/05

(The) Winter Palace (Stachniak) Fall Reading 2012

(The) Wisdom of Frugality (Westacott) June 16/'17

Wish I Could Be There (Shawn) Fall Reading 2010

Wish You Were Here (Swift) Feb 11/14

Wolf Hall (Mantel) Spring Reading 2013

(The) Woman Upstairs (Messud) Fall Reading 2014

(The) Wonder (Donoghue) Feb 9/17

(The) Word "Desire" (Ducornet) July 18/06

Writing About Your Life (Zinsser) Aug 21/16

(The) Yacoubian Building (Aswany) Feb 26/12

Yellowknife (Zipp) Oct 4/07

(The) Yiddish Policemen's Union (Chabon) June 4/08

Young Hearts Crying (Yates) Apr 30/14

Your Fathers, Where Are They And The Prophets, Do They Live Forever? (Eggers) Fall Reading 2014

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (Pirsig) Summer Reading 2010

Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped in Chocolate (Warner) June 28/09

Zoli (McCann) June 28/07


SINGLE SHORT STORIES (i.e. not collections)

A Brief Encounter with the Enemy (Sayrafiezadeh) Jan 23/12

A Love Story (Hunt) June 16/'17

A Prairie Girl (McGuane) Apr 6/12

A Sheltered Woman (Li) March 21/14

Alan Bean Plus Four (Hanks) Fall Reading 2014

Amundsen (Munro) Aug 26/12

An Ex-Mas Feast (Akpan) June 15/05

Anhedonia, Here I Come (Barrett) Apr 23/16

Another Life (LaFarge) Aug 8/12

Asleep in the Lord (Eugenides) Aug 11/11

Atria (Ausubel) July 28/11

Back Then (Grimm) Aug 2/19

Bedtimes (Parks) Feb 28/16

Blueprints for St. Louis (Marcus) Oct 5/17

Boarder, The (Singer) May 14/18

Boys Town (Shepard) Jan 22/13

Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant (Chast) Aug 8/14

Cat Person (Roupenian) Feb 22/18

(The) Cat's Table (Onjaatje) July 19/11

Cattle Praise Song (Mukasonga) Dec 3/18

(The) Cheater's Guide to Love (Diaz) Aug 8/12

Checking Out (Adichie) Mar 29/13

Citizen Conn (Chabon) Feb 11/12

(The) Climber Room (Lipsyte) Dec 12/11

Color and Light (Rooney) May 26/'19

Come Together (Knausgaard) March 21/14

Cream (Murakami) Nov 10/19

Curfew, The (Doyle) Jan 29/20

Cut (Lacey) May 26/'19

(The) Dark Arts (Marcus) May 30/13

Displaced (Ford) Aug 9/18

El Moro (Means) Nov 18/11

Ever Since (Antrim) Apr 6/12

Expectations (Lanchester) Jan 23/12

Fable (Yu) June 2/16

Fifty-Seven (Kushner) Feb 1/16

Flaubert Again (Carson) Dec 3/18

Found Wanting (Stuart) Jan 29/20

(The) Frog King (Greenwell) Feb 23/19

(The) Golden Vanity (Lerner) Aug 26/12

Gender Studies (Sittenfeld) Sept 17/16

Goo Book (Ridgway) July 19/11

(The) Good Samaritan (McGuane) July 28/11

Hand on the Shoulder (McEwan) May 4/12

Homage to Hemingway (Barnes) July 28/11

Home (Saunders) Aug 11/11

(The) House at Sand Creek (McGuane) Nov 18/11

How Did We Come to Know You (Gessen)  Apr 23/18

Intermediate Class (Allingham)  Apr 23/18

Jack, July (Lodato) Fall Reading 2014

Javi (Ong) June 22/19

(The) Judge's Will (Jhabvala) Mar 29/13

Kid Positive (Levin) May 25/20

(The) Largesse of the Sea Maiden (Johnson) March 21/14

Last Meal at Whole Foods (Sayrafiezadeh) Aug 8/14

Leaving Maverley (Munro) Dec 12/11

Los Gigantes (Boyle) Feb 11/12

Maybe It Was the Distance (Foer) Aug 21/16

Means of  Suppressing Demonstrations (Boianjiu) Aug 8/12

Member/Guest (Gilbert) Feb 7/13

Mother's Day (Saunders)  Feb 28/16

My Curls Have Blown All the Way to China (Oz)  Feb 28/16

My Purple Scented Novel (McEwan) Apr 23/16

No More Maybe (Jen)  Apr 23/18

Old Hope (Sestanovich) Jan 29/20

On Chesil Beach (McEwan) Dec 27/06

Out There (Folk) May 25/20

Paranoia (Sayrafiezadeh) July 28/11

Permission to Enter (Smith) Aug 26/12

Philosophy of the Foot (Soomro) Jan 15/19

Prefiguration of Lalo Cura (Bolao) April 17/10

(The) Proxy Marriage (Meloy) May 20/12

(The) Referees (O'Neill) Summer Reading 2014

(The) Relive Box (Boyle) March 21/14

(The) Resident Poet (Dunn) May 25/20

She Said He Said (Kureishi) Aug 2/19

Shirley Temple Three (Pierce) Jan 12/13

Show Recent Some Love (Lipsyte) Dec 3/18

(The) Sinking of the Houston (O'Neill) Feb 22/18

Sleep (Toibin) June 7/15

Son of Friedman (Cline) Aug 2/19

(The) Start of the Affair (Farah) Jan 20/15

Starlight (Beattie) Sept 30/11

State, The (Orange) Apr 23/18

State of Nature, The (Bordas) Apr 23/18

Stay Down and Take It (Marcus) June 2/18

(The) Trusty (Rash) July 19/11

Uncle Jim Called (Rabe) Aug 2/19

Upside-Down Cake (Theroux) Sept 17/16

-Waugh (Washington) Dec 3/18

(The) Ways (Barrett) Jan 20/15

What Can You Do With a General (Cline) Feb 23/19

What Have You Done? (Marcus) Aug 11/11

What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank (Englander) Jan 7/12

What We Worried About When I Was Ten (Rabe) May 25/20

(The) Wish for a Good Young Country Doctor (Gurganus) May 25/20

Year's End (Lahiri) Jan 30/08

(The) Years of My Birth (Erdrich) July 28/11



Altered States (Sacks) (Aug 26/12)

(The) Assad Files (Taub) Apr 23/16

Catastrophe (Sacks) (June 7/15)

(The) Color of Law (Menand) (July 18/13)

Cover Story (Batuman)  Feb 28/16

Cranial Fracking (Frazier) (Sept 28/12)

(The) Doomsday Invention (Khatchadourian) (Feb 1/16)

God's Blog (Sims) (Aug 11/11)

Hurricane Season (Sedaris) Jan 29/20

I Was Gandhi's Boyfriend (Rudnick) (July 19/11)

My Man (Rudnick) (Oct 4/12)

Not A Creature Was Stirring (Allen) (Sept 28/12)

(The) River Martyrs (Mogelson) (May 10/13)

"Robinson Crusoe" and the Art of Solitude (Franzen) (July 19/11)

Several Articles -- The New Yorker's 95th Anniversary Edition, Dec 3/18 (Jan 15/19)

Scars (Owen) (Apr 6/12)

Silence, The (Diaz)  Apr 23/18

Sixty-nine Days (Tobar) Aug 8/14

Special Seder (Rudnick) June 2/16

(The) Story of a Suicide (Parker) (Feb 11/12)

Suggestions for International Diplomacy (Frazier)  (July 18/13)

Test Your Fashion I.Q. (Rudnick) (Sept 28/12)

Three Trials for Murder (Schmidle) (Nov 18/11)

Transfiguration (Khatchadourian) (Apr 6/12)

(The) Transition (Caro) (Apr 6/12)

Vengeance Is Ours (Jared Diamond) (May 4/08)

(The) Voyeur's Motel (Talese) Apr 23/16

(The) Writer's Process (Cantor) June 16/'17



In Wonder (Simic) Apr 23/16

Tissue Gallery (Collins Klobah) Feb 1/16

Two Lives (Dennis) Apr 23/16



(The) 18th Abduction (Patterson and Paetro) Sept 30/19

61 Hours (Child) Dec 21/10

A Trick of the Light (Penny) Mar 22/12

A Wanted Man (Child) Spring Reading 2013

Acqua Alta (Leon) Summer Mysteries 07

(The) Adversary (Carrere) March 21/14

(The) Affair (Child) May 4/12

All the Flowers Are Dying (Block) Myriad Mysteries 2009

Angels Passsing (Hurley) July 21/05

Arab Jazz (Miske) Sept 21/17

Arctic Chill (Indridason) Fall Reading 2010

The Babes in the Wood (Rendell) Apr 21/12

Bad Blood (Sandford) Feb 23/19

Bad Business (Parker) May 5/10

Bad Luck and Trouble (Child) Mar 22/12

Bangkok 8 (Burdett) Summer Mysteries 07

Bangkok Haunts (Burdett) May 28/14

Belfast Confidential (Bateman) Oct 6/09

(The) Best Man to Die (Rendell) Winter Reading 2015

Birdman (Hayder) July 21/05

(The) Birthday Present (Vine) Jan 11/10

Blood Is the Sky (Hamilton) Myriad Mysteries 2009

Blood On Snow (Nesbo) Fall Reading 2015

Blue Moon (Child) March 12/20

Bones and Silence (Hill) Mysteries/Crime page

Bring Me Back (Paris) May 26/'19

(The) Broker (Grisham) Sept 21/17

Buried Prey (Sandford) Dec 3/18

(The) Burning Room (Connelly) Summer Reading 2015

Case Histories (Atkinson) Fall Reading 2010

(Caught (Coben) Fall Reading 2014

Chasing the Dime (Connelly) Sept 18/09

Chicago (Mamet) Dec  20/18

(The) Child's Child (Vine) Winter Reading 2013

(The) Child Finder (Denfeld) July 19/18

Chourmo (Izzo) Summer Reading 2010

Clea's Moon (Wright) Sept 18/09

Cockroaches (Nesbo) Fall Reading 2015

Cold Case Squad (Buchanan) June 16/14

Cold Pursuit (Parker) Myriad Mysteries 2009

Cold Service (Parker) May 18/08

(The) Concrete Blonde (Connelly) Nov 18/11

(The) Crossing (Connelly) Feb 9/17

Cut to Black (Hurley) Sept 5/08

Dark Places (Flynn) Winter Reading 2013

Dark Sacred Night (Connelly) June 22/19

Deadlight (Hurley) April 14/07

Deadline (Sandford) Dec 3/18

Deep Freeze (Sandford) Aug 2/19

Dialogues of the Dead (Hill) Mysteries/Crime page

Disordered Minds (Walters) Myriad Mysteries 2009

Dissolution (Sansom) Dec 4/08

(The) Distant Echo (McDermid) Myriad Mysteries 2009

Don't Let Go (Coben) July 19/18

Doors Open (Rankin) Spring Reading 2015

(The) Drop (Connelly) Summer Reading 2012

Echo Park (Connelly) Aug 23/09

End of Watch (King) Dec 19/16

Escape Clause (Sandford) Dec 3/18

Eyes of Prey (Sandford) Dec 3/18

(The) Exception (Jungersen) Fall Reading 2010

Extreme Prey (Sandford) Dec 3/18

Fat Ollie's Book (McBain) Mysteries/Crime page

Fell of Dark (Hill) June 4/08

(The) Feral Detective (Lethem) Apr 22/19

Field of Prey (Sandford) Sept 9/18

(The) Fifth Witness (Connelly) Winter Reading 2013

Final Solution, The (Chabon) July 10/05

Finders Keepers (King) Apr 23/16

Fire Sale (Paretsky) Mar 17/10

(The) Fixer (Finder) Sept 17/16

Flight of Aquavit (Bidulka) Summer Mysteries 07

Fool Me Once (Coben) July 17/16

Four Corners of Night (Holden) Dec 31/05

(The) Galton Case (Macdonald) July 17/16

Gathering Prey (Sandford) Dec 3/18

(The) Girl Next Door (Rendell) Spring Reading 2015

(The) Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Larsson) Aug 23/09

(The) Girl Who Played with Fire (Larsson) Feb 3/10

Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear (McBain) Mysteries/Crime page

(The) Gods of Guilt (Connelly) June 16/'17

Golden Prey (Sandford) Oct 3/18

Gone Girl (Flynn) Oct 4/12

Gone Tomorrow (Child) April 17/10

(The) Great Leader (Harrison) Spring Reading 2013

(The) Hanged Man's Song (Sandford) Dec 3/18

Have Mercy On Us All (Vargas) Aug 10/05

He Said/She Said (Kelly) Sept 9/18

High Profile (Parker) March 26/08

Holy Ghost (Sandford) May 26/'19

Home (Coben) Feb 9/17

Holy Orders (Black) Winter Reading 2015

(The) Hot Kid (Leonard) Aug 2/10

I Heard that Song Before (Clark) Feb 11/14

I Let You Go (Mackintosh) Feb 23/19

In The Forest (O'Brien) Mysteries/Crime page

Indecent Secrets (Vella) May 23/06

Instruments of Night (Cook) Mysteries/Crime page

(The) Interrogation (Cook) Myriad Mysteries 2009

Jack 1939 (Mathews) June 16/14

Just One Look (Coben) Summer Reading 2015

Kennedy's Brain (Mankell) Summer Reading 2015

Killing Floor (Child) March 17/10

Kiss (McBain) Mysteries/Crime page

Knots and Crosses (Rankin) Sept 9/18

Land of the Living (French) Jan 5/05

Last Best Hope, The (McBain) Mysteries/Crime page

Last Car to Elysian Fields (Burke) Summer Mysteries 07

Last Dance, The (McBain) Mysteries/Crime page

(The) Late Show (Connelly) Sept 9/18

(The) Lincoln Lawyer (Connelly) Nov 11/09

Live Wire (Coben) Summer Reading 2013

Local Girl Missing (Douglas) Sept 9/18

Lost Light (Connelly) Mysteries/Crime page

Maigret and the Fortuneteller (Simenon) Summer Mysteries 07

Make Me (Child) Feb 9/17

(The) Man Who Smiled (Mankell) Sept 26/08

Maskerade (Pratchett) Feb 11/14

Master of the Moor (Rendell) Sept 5/08

(The) Midnight Line (Child) Oct 3/18

Midnight Sun (Nesbo) Feb 9/17

Missing You (Coben) Summer Reading 2015

Mission to Paris (Furst) Summer Reading 2015

Moonlight Mile (Lehane) June 2/16

Morning, Noon and Night (Sheldon) July 18/06

Mr. Mercedes (King) Fall Reading 2015

(The) Murder of My Aunt (Hull) Summer Mysteries 07

(The) Neruda Case (Ampuero) Winter Reading 2015

Never Go Back (Child) July 19/18

Never Tell (Gardner) Nov 10/19

(The) Next Right Thing (Barden) Spring Reading 2013

(The) Night Fire (Connelly) March 12/20

(The) Night Gardener (Pelecanos) Oct 22/09

Night Over Water (Follett) Summer Reading 2012

Night School (Child) Aug 3/17

Nine Dragons (Connelly) June 20/11

No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, The (McCall Smith) May 23/06

No Middle Name (Child) Aug 9/18

North Of Montana (Smith) Oct 6/09

Nothing to Lose (Child) Summer Reading 2012

(The) October List (Deaver) Sept 9/18

One Good Turn (Atkinson) Summer Reading 2012

One Shot (Child) Summer Mysteries 07

One Step Behind (Mankell) Summer Mysteries 07

(The) Overlook (Connelly) Dec 20/18

Past Tense (Child) Apr 22/19

Personal (Child) Summer Reading 2015

Persuader (Child) Myriad Mysteries 2009

Peter Pan Must Die (Verdon) Sept 9/18

Phantom Prey (Sandford) Sept 9/18

Portobello (Rendell) Myriad Mysteries 2009

Presumed Innocent (Turow) Aug 9/18

(The) Price of Malice (Mayor) Summer Reading 2010

(The) Private Patient (James) Oct 16/08

Q Is For Quarry (Grafton) Sept 7/05

(The) Quiet Twin (Vyleta) March 13/14

(The) Red Mandarin Dress (Xiaolong) Summer Reading 2010

Revelation (Sansom) June 3/10

River of Darkness (Airth) Myriad Mysteries 2009

Rogue Lawyer (Grisham) Aug 3/17

Rottweiler, The (Rendell) Mysteries/Crime page

Run Away (Coben) May 26/'19

Sandrine's Case (Cook) Dec 3/18

Say You're Sorry (Robotham) Dec 19/16

School Days (Parker) Summer Mysteries 07

(The) Second Sister (Kendal) July 19/18

((The) Secret History (Tartt) March 13/14

(The) Secret of Annexe 3 (Dexter) Aug 21/16

Sharp Objects (Flynn) Winter Reading 2013

Silken Prey (Sandford) Dec 3/18

(The) Silkworm (Galbraith) Summer Reading 2015

Singing in the Shrouds (Marsh) Winter Reading 2013

Singled Out (Brett) May 21/07

(The) Sisters Brothers (deWitt) Fall Reading 2015

Skinny Dip (Hiassen) Myriad Mysteries 2009

Sleepyhead (Billingham) Jan 5/05

(The) Son (Nesbo) Fall Reading 2015

Stagestruck (Lovesey) Winter Reading 2013

Started Early, Took My Dog (Atkinson) June 20/11

Stay Close (Coben) Winter Reading 2013

(The) Stranger (Coben) Fall Reading 2015

Stolen Prey (Sandford) Dec 3/18

Storm Prey (Sandford) Dec 3/18

Sunset Limited (Burke) August 12/06

Suspicion (Finder) Sept 17/16

Tigerlily's Orchids (Rendell) July 28/11

Thirteen Steps Down (Rendell) Summer Mysteries 07

To the Power of Three (Lippman) Myriad Mysteries 2009

(The) Treatment (Hayder) August 12/06

(The) Troubled Man (Mankell) July 28/11

Troubling Love (Ferrante) Fall Reading 2010

Twisted Prey (Sandford) Dec 20/18

Two Kinds of Truth (Connelly)  Apr 23/18

(The) Two Minute Rule (Crais) Myriad Mysteries 2009

(The) Water's Lovely (Rendell) May 21/07

(The) Witch Elm (French) Aug 2/19

Wolf Lake (Verdon) Feb 23/19

Wonderland (Brady) June 9/06

(The) Woods (Coben) Apr 23/16

Worth Dying For (Child) June 20/11

(The) Wrong Side of Goodbye (Connelly) Aug 3/17


RE-READINGS : These are all on the "Re-Readings" page

A Writer's Notebook (Maugham)

A Question of Upbringing (Powell)

Aspern Papers, The (James)

Edge of Day, The (Lee)

Iris Murdoch

L'Etranger (Camus)

La Chute (Camus)

Please Don't Eat The Daisies (Kerr)

Turn of the Screw, The (James)

Ulysses (Joyce)

Waterfall, The (Drabble)

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